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March 27, 2013 by Taylor Angus

This week, I would like to invite your opinion onto a subject that I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately. As we all know, the economy is not is the best shape right now, and lawmakers are struggling to find a solution to our problems. Just for fun, I want to encourage some higher level thinking and offer a proposition that may encourage economic growth in a downturn economy. I encourage everyone to chime in by commenting.

My proposition is simply this: that the United States export more food. Just for some background information, know that America is currently the world’s number one exporter of agricultural products and that Agriculture is America’s highest ranked industry in terms of overall GDP. On average, the average American spends roughly 10% of their annual income on food, compare this to other developed countries who regularly spend %20 to %50. America is also notoriously becoming one of the world’s most obese nations.

What I take this to mean is: we have food, and a lot of it. There are many people in third world countries who are struggling to know where there next meal is coming from, and meanwhile America is getting fat on an abnormally cheap food supply. If we were to export more food at a reasonable price, or even give it away to those who need it, I think it would benefit America’s economy in many ways.

It would increase national GDP, it would drive up food prices at home, it would put more money in the hands of the farmer, who could then start to pay off debts or buy more land or equipment. The world of industry and manufacturing would take a hit, because people would dedicate more of their income to food, so many CEO’s and large business owners might start investing in land and agriculture to make up for lost profits. They could then hire people to farm it, which would cut into the unemployment percentage. Finally, it would get America back to its roots. To the industry that made it powerful to begin with: Agriculture.

I know its not a perfect plan, and there will be many consequences that I didn’t cover, but that’s what I want to hear back about. One of them that I’ve thought about about is that the agricultural industry that would be affected the most would be my beef industry, because I think many people would turn to vegetables before spending more money on meat. But I think most all of us can afford to spend a little more money on food, and support our fellow man. After all, you don’t NEED the latest gadget, or a new car, or some new toy. The only things you HAVE TO have are food, water, and shelter.



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